Stores of Wisdom

Stores of Wisdom

“He has stored up the essentials of sound wisdom for those who do right; He acts as a shield for those who value integrity.” Proverbs 2:7 The Voice

 Father, thank you for storing up sound wisdom for me.  Search my heart and keep it straight so it will be a suitable warehouse.  I pray that I will desire to walk in Your path and Your path only.  Thank you for being my shield as I uphold integrity.  I pray the words that come out of my mouth will be full of You; always in Your timing and in alignment with Your desires.

Father bless my hands, my feet, my eyes and my ears as I go about Your business.  I ask for Your light to flow through me; Your love to fill me to overflowing.  Give me Your love, strength, courage, compassion, grace and mercy in everything I do in Jesus’ name.

Psalm 37:30, Proverbs 16:21, Psalm 49:3, Psalm 7:10, Psalm 26:2


2 thoughts on “Stores of Wisdom

  1. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger, Inspiring and May you inspire more readers essentially perfectly ok. greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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