What Do You Want (John 1:38)

This is so beautiful that I just had to share!



Read: Job 22:1 – 25:6

Jesus looked around and saw them following. “What do you want?” he asked them. They replied, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?” (John 1:38)

Relate: A block north of where I live is Main St. Some towns might have another street name but in each city in America I believe there is a street just like our Main Street right here in Binghamton. It gets a lot of foot traffic. A lot. I don’t care if it is sunny and seventy or negative 5 and the wind is battering against anyone not inside, there will be people walking on Main Street. For one reason or another, I even find myself walking it most days.

When I picture the disciples following Jesus, I can almost picture it as an encounter on Main St. Jesus is walking down the street and these two guys are following behind. Each…

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