I WILL Praise Him in This Storm

Another blogger’s thoughts from today on times of struggle so I thought I would share! Thank you, Missy!

Missy Baroff Ministries

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes there are no words to explain the hurt. Sometimes you just can’t see purpose behind the pain. But sometimes life is good. Sometimes the joy and happiness is beyond all explanations. Sometimes you are thankful for the hurt because it brought you to where you are now.

Now matter where you are now, God is still the same God. He is indeed the God of the good times as well as the God of the bad times. And he is a God deserving of our praise.

Right now, life is hard for me. Life is just not hard in some spots, but in a lot of spots. Everywhere I look there seems to be an attack. Some of my issues may be brought on by some stupid decisions, but others are clearly attacks from Satan. That being said, I refuse to give into the devil…

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