Serve Me

Classic Dancers

 “If anyone serves Me, he must continue to follow Me [to cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying] and wherever I am, there will My servant be also. If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.” John 12:26 AMP

I read this verse and had to ask myself the question “Am I serving Christ?” I have the sense that a big part of serving is letting go.  Letting go of everything that I hold dear. So what does that look like? I have to press in and really listen for God. I have to trust steadfastly. I have to be patient. I have to wait and not go charging down a path wasting energy and resources. I take time to delight in God, show my love and get to know Him. I picture God and I being like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, nimble and fluid.  Our moves are seamless. We just flow.

Father, help me.  Show me what to do.  Search my heart. Show me how to dance with You.

Luke 6:46, John 13:16, 14:15, 15:20; Romans 14:18, Galatians 1:10


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