On my heart…

Have you ever sensed that the Lord has placed something on your heart to say or share with someone else? Maybe it was to take an action and do something for someone else.  Maybe it was a kind gesture, a card, a donation.  Maybe it was a word of encouragement.

Recently during a time of prayer I felt that sensing.  It was a little different than the things mentioned above.  The impression I received was very clear and it was meant to be shared with the body of Christ…every brother and sister in Christ. That being said, I am sharing that impression here with you.  It is my personal belief that each one of us has been formed for a specific purpose to operate uniquely within the body of Christ.  In prayer, I have asked God to please make me as fit as I can be to fulfill the part that He has given me.

I have a heart for the church.  When I say church, I mean all the churches across the world.  Each group, each body, each gathering.  I want us all to come together as one, working jointly to carry out God’s word.  Supporting each other. Praying for each other. Loving each other.  Encouraging each other.  I think it’s important that you know my heart as I share the words that God has placed inside of me.

As the body of Christ, I sense that we are all being formed with an increased sense of urgency, like a rushing wind or horses galloping in hot pursuit. We are thirsty. We are charging forward in pursuit. We as a church are charging.  I picture a cavalry of believers charging forward as if on a battle field.

We are to keep up with the pace that has been set for us.  We are to lift each other up.  We are to share with each other. God will speak to each one of us a different word of insight and instruction based on our unique design. We are to make sure we share this with each other.  If we have a heart for God, turn toward Him and listen.




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