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“ The one persisting in sin belongs to the diabolical one, who has been all about sin from the beginning. That is why the Son of God came into our world: to destroy the plague of destruction inflicted on the world by the diabolical one.” 1 John 3:8 The Voice

“That is why the Son of God came…”

Have you ever been around a three or four year old and wonder how many times they can ask “Why?”  No matter what answer you give, there seems to be the incessant “Why?” as the follow up.

I wonder sometimes if that isn’t how God feels with us!  He made the greatest display of love that can be imagined and we still ask: Why do I have to accept Jesus as Savior? Why Your way? Why be obedient? Why stay tucked into You? Why meditate on Your Word? Why do I have to learn Your ways? Why do I have to listen? Why do I have to bring everything to You in prayer? Why do I have to surrender? Why do I have to trust You? Why? Why? Why?

Much like our own children, God has designed a path for our deliverance and safety.  When children are rebellious, they often put themselves in harm’s way.  They don’t want to listen or hear the “why.” Sometimes it isn’t until they’ve been injured or disciplined that they acquire clarity.  When their hearts open up to the loving direction of a parent, they can receive the words of wisdom.  Sometimes through surrender or healing or rejection or injury or being stripped of privilege and responsibility, they come to that place of quiet listening that allows the truth to sink in.

We are no different.

Father, I pray I come to that place to receive Your wisdom promptly and by a yearning desire to be near You, a yearning to have You in the center of my life.

Matthew 13:22-30, 38; John 6:29


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