The Narrow Gate

Every Good Path

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matthew 17:3 NIV

There is so much popular thought today that God is a broad reference to a greater power and that there are many paths to experience “this greater power.” The truth is there is a battle going on. Satan wants to confuse and create chaos in people’s minds with counterfeit gods. In the world of darkness there are many representations of gods – demons. Demons welcome the worship of people as they also mock them and use them to wreak havoc and distort the truth for others. It is the enemy that toils to steal, kill and destroy people’s lives to remove them from the loving light of God’s love.

Imagine someone posing as a doctor to treat you but they took a short cut by forging a license. They present themselves to you as if they had gone through extensive training to restore health and combat disease and illness. That shortcut could cost you your life.

We have to be so grounded in the truth that we cannot be deceived by lies. Counterfeit. Imposters. Forgeries. We are the sheep who recognize our Shepherd’s voice. We must stay close enough to the Shepherd to hear Him. If we wander too far, even though He is calling for us, we may not be within earshot.

Father, make me ready for the narrow gate. I pray that I stay so close to You that I can hear You whisper. When You move, I move. When You speak, I hear You clearly, listen and obey. I pray You will be my guide. That Your truth will be the navigation for my life. That Your peace, love, grace and mercy will be the guides and companions in my life. That Your Holy Spirit will envelope me each and every day sharing Your plans and strategies, interceding for me along the way.

Proverbs 9:6, Luke 13:24-25, John 10:9,  John 14:6


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