Embed from Getty Images“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  2 Corinthians 3:17

We have been set free. We are called to stand firm and not accept a yoke of slavery. It’s a continual process! We are tempted to pick the yoke back up after we have been released from it. It implies that we have to make the choice to reject the yoke.

Imagine you have been in a shipwreck in the ocean.  You are clinging onto a piece of floating debris.  The Coast Guard comes to your rescue and throws you a lifeline. They come by offering help and assistance. They offer safety and security, rescuing you from the elements. Would you accept their help?  Or would you  continue to hang onto that one fragile piece of debris aimlessly floating around, remaining in constant danger? It seems like an easy choice doesn’t it?

Sometimes in life we cling to remnants of things that cause us to be tossed about: pride, self-sufficiency, control, performance. Sometimes we carry around guilt and shame as if we have not been forgiven. But we have! We are victors. Over and over again we are told we have been set free in Christ Jesus. Every chain was broken. Every burden was released.

So why do we still hang around looking at the old chains we have been released from?

Sometimes it seems that I am still standing in the jail cell looking at the chains on the floor and the open door. I’m standing there going, “What just happened?” I am still trying to reason my way through it. It’s no good being free if I never step out of the jail cell into freedom! It’s like I’m still standing there looking at the familiar walls. Maybe I can move about more freely, but I haven’t really exercised or embraced my new found freedom because I am afraid to leave the familiar surroundings. I’m afraid of the unknown. God’s ways are outside the cell. They are challenging. They are limitless. They are unfamiliar.

Father God, give me the courage to step outside any jail cell of familiarity in my life. Give me courage and boldness to step into a new way – Your way. Thank you for every angel that You have sent along the way to throw a life preserver into my ocean to rescue me.

Galatians 5


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