Effective Prayer

Embed from Getty Images“Do not be afraid, Daniel. From the very first day that you began to pursue understanding and humble yourself before your God, your words have been heard. I have been sent in response to what you’ve said.” Daniel 10:12 The Voice

Daniel had hope.  Even though Israel had brought on their own troubles, Daniel had hope in God. In this hope, he pleaded with God for restoration of the Israelites through fasting and prayer. It was here he received revelation through God’s word that prompted him.

Nehemiah also prayed effectively for the people of Israel in Nehemiah 9:1-11.  These prayers both had four parts.  They were:

  • Worship
  • Confession of sin
  • Recognition of the justice of God in His judgment on sin
  • A plea for God’s mercy based on concern for God’s name, His kingdom and His will

The prayers are grounded in God’s promises and offered in a spirit of contrition and humility.  The Lord’s Prayer offers these components as well.

It is through worship and repentance that our hearts become pliable. They establish a welcoming environment for the Holy Spirit to operate, intercede for us, and communicate with us.

I have to admit that sometimes I settle in for prayer knowing that something is off but I don’t know what it is.  Sometimes it is in that quiet time in God’s word or just the stillness that surrender occurs.  The Holy Spirit comes and works with my heart to help me understand.  It is there that I can worship and give thanks and appreciate with awe the power, grace and love given to me and for us all.

It is amazing to me how even my requests shift at that juncture.  When my eyes are turned to God, His purpose prevails.

Father, thank you for Your Word—Jesus—both living and written, that provide such powerful instruction. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit, Your Comforter. Thank you for every promise, Father. I pray that I walk in those promises daily, embracing You and Your ways.

Daniel 9:4-19, Nehemiah 9:1-11, Matthew 6:9-13


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