Future Generations

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17But the unfailing love of the Eternal is always and eternal for those who reverently run after Him. He extends His justice on and on to future generations, 18 To those who will keep His bond of love and remember to walk in the guidance of His commands.” Psalm 103:17-18 The Voice

“He extends His justice on and on to future generations” are powerful words.  As I grew older and returned to the teachings of my youth, I have been very thankful for the prayer that my Mom and her friends wrapped me in growing up.  It wasn’t until I was reading this verse recently that I realized they were wrapping the next generation in prayer too.  Now I realize that I too am positioned to pray for my children’s children “on and on to future generations.”

Father, I ask that Your hand will be on my children and my children’s children’s lives, and on and on for generations. Knit them together for safekeeping.  I pray they will become Mighty Warriors seeking Your Heart at all times.

Proverbs 3:1-3, Matthew 21:22, John 17:20



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