God’s Perfection

Embed from Getty Images“He’s the Rock, and His work is perfect; everything He does is right.  He’s the God who can be trusted, who never does wrong because He’s righteous and upright.”  Deuteronomy 32:4 The Voice

This is the first time that God is referred to as “the rock” in the Old Testament. It is used 6 times in this chapter. I think God is trying to make a point! So what does that mean?

  • God is a rock: He is an impenetrable shelter. An everlasting foundation. When we operate according to His principles, they cannot be shaken.  A very safe place!
  • God’s works are perfect: Jesus is perfection. His life is our model.
  • Everything God does is right: Nothing He does can be changed. What He starts He will finish.
  • God can be trusted: He is faithful. We can rely on Him. He cannot lie.  He keeps His promises.

Father, You and Your work are perfect.  Thank you for Your grace and mercy in not holding me to those standards.  Thank you for honoring my heart and my love for You.  I pray others can see Your perfection through my imperfection. I place my trust in You.

1 Samuel 2:2, Psalm 18:2, Psalm 62:7


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