Then the Lord said to Moses, “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions.” Exodus 16:4 NIV 

The Hebrew month of Iyar can fall on the Gregorian calendar in April, May, or June, depending on the year. Iyar signifies the power of turning the bitter into sweet, sickness into healing. There are three components to Iyar: Chukim, Aidot, and Mishpatim.  For any Jewish scholars, please forgive my very primitive explanation.  I want to recognize that Iyar is a significant month for all forms of healing as these three components indicate.

Chukim relates to our physical identity, releasing that to God.  Seeing beyond the physical.  Not limiting ourselves to that which is seen. There is more.

Aidot relates to our emotions and spiritual awareness, realizing that every person is an expression of God’s divine will. Our spiritual awareness provides emotional fortitude to deal with life in a world where everything has a purpose and design.

Mishpatim relates to laws of justice, our intellect. It reflects how we are to set up a fair system of judgment.

According to Jewish history manna began to fall from heaven the 16th day of Iyar as they were wandering through the desert. Manna had two properties. It forged awareness of the degree God was involved in daily sustenance.  Secondly, it was perfect food.  It caused no illnesses.

As an outsider unfamiliar with the intricacies of Jewish teachings, I see the Holy Trinity reflected in the components of Iyar: Jesus (Chukim) the physical representation of God the Father; Holy Spirit (Aidot) our spiritual healer, comforter and intercessor; Almighty Jehovah (Mishpatim) judge, ruler and creator of all.

We are completely dependent on God’s provision but sometimes we complain.  We don’t trust.  We hoard divine provision out of fear, greed, jealousy and many other ways. We withhold forgiveness, love, grace, mercy, charity — as if there isn’t enough to go around! Just like the Israelites did with the manna.

This was my major insight. There is a correlation between Joy and Strength.  Strength — physically, spiritually and mentally — brings joy. Joy—in all things — brings strength.

Lord, help me to find joy in all things. Strengthen me. Build strength in me in all ways – physically, mentally, emotionally – walk with me; dance with me! Teach me. Help me be grateful, gracious and generous with Your provision.  Remind me that Your perfect food is Your Word.  Eternal life flows from it.  Thank you for giving it to me and help me digest it thoroughly!

Psalm 78:24-25, John 6:31-40, Exodus 15:25-26


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