He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30 NIV

There have been times when I have held back. I was slow to act.  I did not listen in faithful obedience.  I was overwhelmed by what I didn’t know. Fear and doubt crept in.  Turns out I had to come to the end of myself.  I had to come to the place where I wanted something different so badly that I was willing to let go of everything.  So…..

It wasn’t so bad!  Worries that I had held onto became very insignificant.  Fear became irrelevant.  Trust grew. Faith grew.  It’s still growing.  I’ve had enough of a taste of it now that I just don’t want to go backward.  Joy is a frequent delight.  Passion.  Compassion.  I have a thankful heart.  My heart has become more pliable and workable to do some new things.  Pride is significantly diminished.   I have found that I can love so much better!  It’s not a selfish love.  I’m willing to let go and love more completely.  It’s pretty wonderful.

In order to get there, I had to shrink and make room for God.  In that shrinking, God has helped me not only love others better, but myself too.  I have a new appreciation of how He made me.  It allows Him to position me to use my gifts and talents in a new way.

If you sign up for the shrinking process, it’s an adventure!!  But I can tell you with all my heart, it’s worth every step you take while holding God’s hand!

Father, help me to shrink to make more room for You in me.

Luke 1:79, John 3:21. Galatians 5:22-26


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