Beautifully Imperfect

Embed from Getty Images32 “You see, it’s turning away from me that brings death to the simple, and it’s self-satisfaction that destroys the fools. 33 But those who listen to me now will live under divine protection; they can rest knowing they are out of harm’s way.” Proverbs 1:32-33 The Voice

Some of you know this about me and some of you don’t.  Many of the devotionals I publish come from journal entries that are as much as 5 years old.  What is amazing to me is that as I am posting these older journal entries, I am living through it now.  God knows. He knows everything we need, when we need it, how to foreshadow it like a great novel, and then He also knows when our hearts will be adequately prepared to receive what He has for us.  Whew!  Some days it’s a wild ride…at least for me it is.  And I love it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s full of loving discipline, delight, learning, joy, surprise, growth, and love.  Lots and lots of love.  I can’t emphasize the love piece enough.  Not only does God love us so, so, so, so much, but He teaches us how to demonstrate our love to Him and to each other.

The last year has definitely been a fast track of learning for me…and it continues! I’m so thankful.  I’m so happy.  I’m so full of His richness.  I believe I’m a little less full of myself.  That helps.  It makes room for lots of other wonderful things.

As I was reviewing my journal entry for today I ran across a reference to another devotional.  The title was “Are You Useful?”* There was a quote that got my attention: “When you work with people who have strong personalities but may be immature in their faith, you must discern if they are simple fools or hardened fools. This will tell you whether to invest time and resources into them.”

I’m in a wonderful community to mature in Christ.  As I say that, please do not misinterpret that it’s a cakewalk!  It’s real.  It’s imperfect.  It’s very human and authentic and genuine.  Maturing is not about being perfect.  It’s about operating with the heart of Jesus in His wisdom, faith, hope and love. In that, it’s not being afraid to make mistakes.  It’s about moving forward and looking for God in every step. Listening and watching for His confirmation as we move forward.

Lord, keep me tuned into you.  Help me surrender anything that is in the way.  I love you, Father.  No one is greater than You! I repent for foolishly striving to be perfect.  It’s not going to happen.  Thank you for Your love and Your grace and Your mercy!

Proverbs 1:30-33

*TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman dated 09/04/13 “Are You Useful?”


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