Bickering Distracts

Embed from Getty Images“Quite frankly, I don’t want to be bothered anymore by these disputes. I have far more important things to do—the serious living of this faith. I bear in my body scars from my service to Jesus.” Galatians 6:17 The Message

There was bickering in the early church over circumcision.  Some wanted to bring the Jewish tradition into the Christian churches.  They were boasting about it.  Paul was basically saying, “Don’t bother me with this. I’ve got more important things to be concerned with…like walking in faith.”

Paul had such a dramatic conversion story.  He told it over and over again.  He encountered a power in that blinding light that was much greater than anything he knew here on earth.  Every time people heard his story, they saw the miracle of God in him.  Paul stayed true to God’s Word and spoke it plainly so that everyone could understand.

He had been positioned for power within the Jewish ranks.  And he walked away from it all. He wasn’t one to get caught up in position and power any longer.  He had lost all taste for it when he encountered God on the road to Damascus.

Father, thank you for Jesus.  Thank you for loving me enough to orchestrate that beautiful encounter with Him for me. Help me let go of silly distractions that create arguments and division. Keep my heart straight and keep my eyes on Your kingdom.

Galatians 6, Acts 9:1-9, 1 Corinthians 2:13


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