Believe In Me

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20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” John 17:20-21 NIV

God believes the best in us.  He had to believe in us in order to have made the sacrifice of His Son.  He knew we needed a way back to Him.  He still believed in us.  He loves and trusts us now. He believes in us with all our flaws. I know that sounds odd but it is the truth.

I have found there is tremendous power in believing in someone.  As a child, I think back to my Mom.  She had such trust and belief in me that it kept me out of harm’s way many times. Her belief in me was far more valuable that the temptation of the moment.  I still had moments where I stepped out of line, but I can tell you there were a lot less because I knew she believed in me.

Satan wants to deceive us into believing that we are so much less than who we are.  It is a huge threat to him if we understand the depth and breadth of our Heavenly Father’s love for us.  He does not want us to live in the power, richness, abundance and authority as children of the King!

If Satan can trick us into thinking less of ourselves, we are more likely to step out of the loving cover and protection of our Father.  If we believe how much our Father believes in us, maybe we would be less tempted to step into harm’s way too. If my Mom’s love did that for me, how much bigger is God’s love?  If I can wrap my head around how big God’s love is for me…Pow!

Father, I pray that my heart embraces Your love for me, so that I can extend Your immeasurable love to others.

John 10:42, 1 John 4:17, Matthew 18:6, John 6:35, John 11:25-27


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