Water In The Desert

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“He cracked open rocks in the wilderness and provided them with all the water they needed, as plentiful as the depths of the ocean.” Psalm 78:15 The Voice

The more I read about the Israelites in the desert, the more I marvel at God.  They lived day to day by miracles.  And yet, they still became numb to them after a while.  Every drink of water and every bite of manna was a miracle.  This scripture describes not just a trickle, but water “as plentiful as the depths of the ocean.”

It makes me pause and reflect.  What part of my life might Jesus want to deliver me from or cleanse in order to start over? How would I respond to that place of utter dependence on Him?  Those hard places of utter dependence require complete trust. Complete gratitude. Complete surrender.  It requires a trust in the deep, passionate love that our Father has for us.  Trust that He wants only the best for us.  Every single piece of our journey has a purpose.  We are being prepared for the greatest purpose of all…His kingdom purpose.  All in His ways, His thoughts and His timing.

Otherwise our hearts may become hard.  Our minds begin to reason that we know better.  We think we know better than God what is best for ourselves. We begin to question and doubt. We lose our expectation that He will deliver.

Father, I pray for wisdom, discernment and understanding.  I pray for a humble and pliable heart that is willing to surrender and be sensitive to Your Word.  Thank you for Your great love for me Father.  The greatest love story ever told. Fill my heart with a hope and expectation that I will see You move daily in my life.

Psalm 78:13-20, Isaiah 55:8-9


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