Go Climb A Tree

9 “Today liberation has come to this house, since even Zaccheus is living as a son of Abraham. 10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to liberate the lost.” Luke 19:9-10 The Voice

Jesus had become a type of celebrity in the region.  Zaccheus was a worldly man and he wanted to see the celebrity coming through town.  He wanted to see Jesus so badly that he overcame his own limitations. He rushed ahead of the crowd and climbed a tree for a glimpse.

The Bible mentions that Zaccheus was not well thought of by religious authorities and was viewed as a bit of a swindler as a tax collector.  Jesus took that fervent desire in his heart as an opportunity to give Zaccheus more than the glimpse he was seeking.  Jesus gave him relationship and that view of something more he could become.

It made me think about my own life with Christ. If I have a fervent desire for a closer look at Jesus, He always gives me more than what I was asking for. He honors that fervent desire in my heart not only to give me more but to stretch me more. Stretch me into a new creation that becomes more like Him.  Not of my own will or power. He simply connects to the desire of my heart.

Father, I pray my heart has a burning desire to seek You more and more each day.  I pray for a yearning to be closer to see you and step into all that You have purposed for me. Give me the fervent desire to run up a tree if I have to, to see You! Leaving my pride and decorum behind, just to be with You.

Luke 19:1-9, Isaiah 26:8, Matthew 6:21, 22:37; Luke 24:32, Acts 4:32


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