Faith: Part 1

“For by [faith—trust and holy fervor born of faith] the men of old had divine testimony borne to them and obtained a good report.” Hebrews 11:2 AMP

When I look at this verse, it feels like the formula for a combustion engine.  Just a very small amount of faith can start a flame that fuels significantly larger amounts of more faith! It is a faith larger than a singular purpose.  It is sustainable faith that becomes a lifestyle.

I love the thought of “holy fervor.” Fervor means great warmth and earnestness of feeling; intense heat. Synonyms are ardor, passion, zeal. My own experience is to taste it – that walk of faith – nothing else compares.  Stepping into faith and trusting God creates an ease and confidence in a force much bigger than ourselves. It ignites the seed of power and authority that God originally placed in each one of us.  However, it is a power and authority that requires that we yield our hearts in soft submission in order to experience it.  It is not about striving or performing.  It is a soft, pliable trust in God.  It is so powerful that God has to take us on a journey of a lifetime to understand how to use it.  Seizing that trust with passion and zeal – in holy fervor – starts to fan the flame of explosive faith.

Father, stir up the holy fervor within me!  I pray that I hold tightly to the seed of faith that You have placed inside of me.  Fan the flame!  I pray that it ignites the warmth and intensity of Your love within me. Help me to lean into You in the face of any storm – emotional, work, relationship, financial, physical or mental. I pray that with every trusting step toward You my faith grows. I pray the flame grows stronger and brighter in You.

Exodus 4:12, Genesis 26:4, Luke 5:39, Philippians 4:8


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