Everything Is All Right

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 Run to meet her and ask her, ‘Are you all right? Is your husband all right? Is your child all right?’” “Everything is all right,” she said. 2 Kings 4: 26 NIV

When I read about the Shunammite woman I am humbled. Her heart is full of hospitality and gratitude.  And such faith! God blesses a heart that is right with Him – fearfully right.   In the middle of seemingly hopeless circumstances, when most of us would have been tempted to crumble at the loss, she continued in faith.  She refused to look at the situation. She continued to put her trust in the promise of God.

Her hospitality had been rewarded.  But it was in gracious faithfulness in the midst of a personal storm that she was able to say “Everything is all right.” This storm threatened great personal loss: her one and only son that God had given her. This woman held steadfastly to the character of God.

When circumstances appeared that her son would be taken from her, she held tightly to the reward God had already given her.  She did not give way to how things seemed in the natural.  She held tightly in faith.

The enemy will try to take our blessings away from us. We have to recognize that the enemy does not have the final word.  God does. God Almighty is the One who breathes life into our circumstances. We have to hang onto our faith and close out distractions.  Just like Elisha, we have to breathe/call life into our circumstances.  Call forth God’s promises.

God, give me faith like the Shunammite woman. I pray I stand steadfastly and humbly without giving up on what You have promised.

2 Kings 4:17-37


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