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“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.” 2 Samuel 22:33 NIV

When I am not sure what to do or not sure what’s going on, I cling to God’s Word. If I’m floundering for next steps and have some confusion on what I see around me, I give thanks.  It might sound like “Father, thank you for always being there. Thank you for the loving people You’ve put around me. Thank you for Your provision.”  Then I ask for what I need. It may be strength, wisdom, discernment or courage.  It may be all four! I ask for His help.

I have to remember that no matter what the circumstances, they are temporary.  I have to remain steady.  Yes, stay steady.

Steady: (1)firmly placed or fixed; stable in position or equilibrium; (2)even or regular in movement; (3)free from change, variation or interruption; uniform; continuous; (4)constant, regular or habitual; (5)free from excitement or agitation; calm.

I have to smile.  It’s a little word with a lot of punch. If it is God who arms us and delivers us, then there is no reason to be fearful or anxious. I picture David walking up to the army of Israel quaking in their boots over Goliath. He simply used his tools at hand with a heart that honored God, stepping out in confidence and boldness.

God help me to recognize, practice, use and become proficient with the tools You have given me.  Help me to use them with confidence and boldness for Your glory.

1 Samuel 17:12-24, 34-47; Revelation 4:11


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