Divine DNA

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“I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.” John 14:29 NIV

Initially Peter is seen as exuberant and curious. He is quick to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Sometimes he is even rash and quick to react. Sometimes he is quick to act without considering the consequences. When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, he was afraid but he was also willing to take a risk. He too walked on the water but became distracted by his surroundings and began to sink.

When Jesus shared his impending death with the disciples, Peter took Jesus aside to try to influence a change of plans. At the last supper Jesus predicted Peter’s denial. At Gethsemane Peter was among those who feel asleep. When Christ was arrested, it was Peter who drew the sword and cut off an ear.  His track record was far from perfect.

Peter did indeed deny Christ three times as predicted. When he realized it, he wept bitterly. He was able to humble himself in repentence and yield his heart to God to reconnect.  He was able to receive forgiveness. In Acts 12 we find a different Peter. He is completely surrendered to the will of God and yielding peacefully to insurmountable obstacles – to be rescued by God.

Sometimes we have to be broken to surrender. I imagine Peter’s denial of Christ as a personal breaking point. Seeing Christ die such a horrific death and knowing he did not rise to the occasion. Fear does that to people. Jesus loves us anyway. He loves us through fear and anything else that gets in the way. It is up to us to choose to surrender our chains to Christ.

Jesus always looks at our heart. No matter what kind of personality flaws or impulse issues we have in a moment, He always sees the creation within us. He works with us, constantly guiding us on a journey of growth and maturity if we let him. He molds our hearts when they are soft and obedient, full of love for God’s ways.

I marvel at how You meet us where we are, Father. You meet us with the vision of who we were made to be – a child of God. You gradually get rid of the world’s muck in our heart so that our divine DNA can shine. Thank you.

John 14:29-30, Matthew 16:21-75


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