Let Everyone Know

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“Now, Lord our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you, Lord, are the only God.” Isaiah 37:20 NIV

This was such a powerful prayer from King Hezekiah.  I love his passionate desire to reestablish the kingdom of Israel for God. Then he acted on faith in the power of Almighty Jehovah!  He cleaned house first and then asked for God’s favor to remove the enemies that mock His Almighty Name.  Hezekiah knew where all the power resided and that was with God.  Not in himself or his armies.  He recognized the power of God could wipe out the Assyrian kings.

Hezekiah honored and recognized the omnipotence of God over all the kingdoms of the earth and over all the heavens and the earth. He then lifted up a plea that God hear the blasphemous threats that ridiculed the One True God. Hezekiah stated what was visible – the destruction the enemy had caused.  He then also recognized that their gods weren’t real; they were disposable pieces of merchandise. Then Hezekiah made a plea: Demonstrate Your power God so they will see Who You Are!

Who are my Assyrian kings? Where do I need to clean house and set things right?

Father, give me the courage of King Hezekiah to destroy any idols in my life. Give me the courage to set all things in proper spiritual order.  Let everyone know that You are in charge!

Isaiah 37:14-38


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