One Another

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“Do nothing from factional motives [through contentiousness, strife, selfishness, or for unworthy ends] or prompted by conceit and empty arrogance. Instead, in the true spirit of humility (lowliness of mind) let each regard the others as better than and superior to himself [thinking more highly of one another than you do of yourselves].” Philippians 2:3 AMP

I was doing a scripture search for “another one” and was overwhelmed by the scriptures that popped up for “one another.” It resonated with me so much that I had to pay attention.  I have always known that the Bible was our instruction manual.  What hit me hard is how many instructions it has on how to treat each other.  That says two things to me.  One, it means that we are prone to errors in this area.  Two, we need it!

So, without an exhaustive search, here is what I noticed:

  • We have all received one grace after another, spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, and favor upon favor (John 1:16)
  • Stop grumbling and saying things against one another (John 6:43)
  • Love one another. This one must be particularly challenging for us. Jesus said it over and over again. (John 13:34, 35, 15:12, 15:17)
  • We are parts of one another in one body, dependent on one another. (Romans 12:5)
  • Live in harmony with one another. (Romans 12:6)
  • Keep out of debt except in love for one another. (Romans 13:8)
  • Do not criticize, blame and pass judgment on one another. (Romans 14:13)
  • Live in mutual harmony and full sympathy with one another. (Romans 15:5)
  • Welcome and receive one another. (Romans 15:7)
  • Be filled with enough goodness and spiritual knowledge to admonish, counsel and instruct one another. (Romans 15:14)

There are a lot more but I think you get the picture from these examples.  We have received the most beautiful examples of how to love in the love that has already been given to us. We just have to receive it. I am convinced that the more I learn about the character of God and the more I receive His love, the better equipped I am to love others.  The more I learn how He loves me, the more I can emulate His love.  Still a long way to go.  But I am hopeful.  I have a great Teacher and instruction manual!

Father, thank you for Your love.  Teach me to love like You do.


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