His Presence

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“Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” Exodus 33:15 NIV

Moses was reliant on God.  He had learned the power of God’s Presence and He made a request that God go with them.  God heard his prayer and promised to go with them into Canaan. God told Moses that many miracles would demonstrate His power in the midst of these new tribes.

This was a big transition for the children of Israel. Moses was right to be concerned.  They were transitioning from being cared for in the desert for the last 40 years to going into battle to conquer the Promised Land.  Learning to rely on God was a very valuable lesson to bring from the desert into battle.  Moses had done an excellent job raising Joshua up to lead and rely on God.  Joshua had a kingdom perspective. He saw God in His majesty and power. He knew and trusted the character of God.

While in the desert, Moses had many encounters with God.  He had come a long way since the burning bush and the Egyptian plagues.  God had become his friend. They had an intimate relationship. They made requests of each other.  They had mutual trust.

Father, I long to be your friend and to be trustworthy of the requests You make of me.

Exodus 33-34


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