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“Thus Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, because of what God had prepared for the people, for it was done suddenly.” 2 Chronicles 29:36  AMP

Hezekiah wasted no time restoring worship in the temple of God. He made quick work of it and carried out the spirit of what God had requested.  It happened “suddenly:” in a little time, with a great deal of ease, and without any opposition. Those that go about the work of God in faith and with resolution will find that it is not as difficult as they imagine. It is a wonderful surprise to see how and when it is accomplished because it defies what they know.

I love how Hezekiah knew in his heart when to dispense with the rules in order to accomplish God’s work. There was no disrespect. It was a matter of necessity to call the Levites in to help the priests administer the sacrifices.  Hezekiah’s heart was turned fully toward God to reconnect  Him to His people. He operated according to the leading of God to accomplish His work. He could see when the rules became an obstacle rather than serving the intended purpose. Hezekiah was more focused on obedience than on rule-minding and performance.  He was all about re-establishing relationship.

Father, help me to trust in You. Help me trust that You will not ask more of me than I am strong enough to handle in You. Father, help me release any fear or anxiety that is holding me back. Help me release it to You and choose You over the familiar. Choose You. It is a choice.  Simply a choice.

2 Chronicles 29, 2 John 1:6, Philippians 1:6, John 17:20-23, Psalm 118: 23

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