Losing Heart

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“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not to lose heart,” Luke 18:1 NASB

The Bible talks about surrendering to God’s will, seeking God’s kingdom first, and that if two agree on earth concerning anything that they ask God for, it will be done.  Let’s say that we believe that we are doing all those things and still do not see a result? How long can you wait? As you wait, how do you stay in surrender and not lose heart?

Maybe we see others around us and it seems like their every prayer is answered; every dream comes true.  It’s easy to get into a shame spiral and pick yourself apart.  But don’t. Never compare. It will always get you into trouble.  We do not know the crosses that others bear.  They generally do not know ours either.  I truly believe that God really does only give us what we can bear.  I also truly believe that every test, every “growth opportunity,” is designed to move us down a very intricately designed path to accomplish a specific purpose for our lives.

When I catch myself comparing myself or my situation to others, I squelch it as quickly as I can.  When I feel shame begin to creep in or discouragement or disappointment, I try to acknowledge it and move on. Those are indicators that I am losing heart.

It is only through prayer, a direct and personal connection to God, that my heart can stay right.  It is in that place that I find the tender care I need.  That is where I find an incredible love that permeates those negative feelings.  It shines light in the darkness of negativity and obliterates it.  The fruit of that connection is reassurance, joy, peace, faith, and trust. It is all led by a wave of love that washes over me.  It assures me that I am not lost or forgotten. I am simply in a narrow place that requires sharp listening skills and an open heart. That is surrender.

If I can give a prescription for anyone losing heart, it is a healthy dose of prayer – as often as needed!

I may feel like a mess at that moment, but in the quite place in my heart I hear, “That’s not true.” It is in that place I come to understand that I am ok. I have to trust God. I know that He has my best in mind and that His best is worth waiting for.  Sometimes it is in the waiting that I discover how to find the joy and peace that passes understanding. I learn to accept and appreciate every blessing along the way.  I begin to see God in places I may not have even noticed before.  It is in that place that I see more and more of Him in others, as well as watch Him produce a transformation in me. It is often during the wait that I finally let go of my agenda and become more open to God’s plan.

It is amazing to get a glimpse of just how big God truly is. Each glimpse stretches my view and perspective of Him. It grows my faith.

Father, thank you for being trustworthy and never changing. I have to trust You. There is no one else like You. And I’m learning.

Luke 18:1-8, 2 Kings 6:17, Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 40:1



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