“Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” James 4:10 NASB

James 4 is packed with so much relational wisdom.  It really sums up what causes conflict and quarrels:

  • We want what we don’t have
  • We don’t have because we don’t ask God for it
  • We don’t receive because our heart’s motives are not right

God placed His Holy Spirit in us because He longs to be in relationship with us.  We literally have everything we need right inside us.  When we submit to the Holy Spirit we are submitting to God. Allowing our lives to be directed by the Holy Spirit is what faith is all about.  The Holy Spirit is our constant guide. So much so that if we know the right thing to do and choose not to do it, it is sin.

Father, please teach me how to submit fully to the Holy Spirit that you have placed inside of me. Thank You for sending Your Son to make a way for me.

James 4, Proverbs 3:34


James 4, Proverbs 3:34


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