Through Your Eyes

This song spoke to me this morning — so beautiful. Full of rediscovery. Full of life. Hope you take a listen and let the words seep in and water your soul! Take a big drink…You have something beautiful inside you!


Our Heart: The Compass*

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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 NIV

The most critical aspect of our spiritual life is our heart. I believe our heart is like a compass. A compass identifies where you are headed directionally. It establishes:
(1) where you are
(2) where you are in relationship to where you want to go
(3) how you get pointed in the right direction

Our hearts determine our direction spiritually in much the same way. If we cannot keep our hearts pointed to True North, we will be off in where we are heading. True North is God, our Heavenly Father. If our hearts are not aligned with Him, our maps will be distorted, wobbly, and stilted. By aligned, I mean understanding the magnificence of Our Father’s Love. It means we understand and identify with our identity in Christ. So, if you have not done that, I encourage you. Ask Him into your heart and you will find healing and restoration. It is the first step in establishing relationship with the Greatest Love you can ever know.

Father, guide my heart. Help me to always look to You first, my True North, before setting course for any destination. Thank you for your Great Love and the perfect design of my heart, mind, and spirit in Your image!

Acts 2:21, 38; John 1:12, Romans 8:21, Philippians 2:15 NIV

* excerpt of Spiritual Life Map: Finding the Compass



The header I am using right now for the website was provided by my brother, who grew up on Arrowheart Ranch helping Grand Daddy in the summers. Grand Daddy Hutton and the ranch have a very special place in my brother’s heart and memories. He provides us all the legacy of the working farm and ranch with his stories. He keeps the legacy of Merritt Hutton alive and well for us too. We appreciate him so much! Love you, big brother!!!!❤

Bienvenue Congo Kinshasa! Willkommen Leichtenstein!

Congo Kinshasa and Leichtenstein are our 109th and 110th countries to visit the ranch!

Thank you for coming by for some rest and relaxation. We are all about recharging! It is a thrill to have visitors from both near and far. It has been my heart from the beginning to reach the corners of the world to encourage others and to sustain their faith in Christ. Please come back again real soon! I pray that your hearts are filled with enough encouragement to share with others.
Come back again real soon,
Arrowheart Ranch

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