Who is Arrowheart Ranch?

IMG_0288Hello, my name is Lucy Kelley and I am the person behind Arrowheart Ranch.  Arrowheart Ranch was the name of my grandfather’s ranch just outside of Steamboat, CO in the early 1940s. The brand that you see was one of his cattle brands.  It so resonated with me that I had to repurpose it here.  It is a heart-felt connection with a heart-felt need for a community of encouragement.

SPECIAL NOTE: The header I am using right now for the website was provided by my brother, who grew up on Arrowheart Ranch helping Grand Daddy in the summers. Grand Daddy Hutton and the ranch have a very special place in my brother’s heart and memories. He provides us all the legacy of the working farm and ranch with his stories. He keeps the legacy of Merritt Hutton alive and well for us too. We appreciate him so much! Love you, big brother!!!! ❤

arrowheart brand specialWe are all about encouraging words! Many of the posts shared here are pieces of my personal journey in my relationship with my loving heavenly Father. These are bits and pieces of years of journaling my walk with Him. I’m thankful to have a record to review and share. It’s been an awesome journey! I may have guest bloggers from time to time to share pieces of their journeys as well. So hopefully there will be enough of a variety to appeal to many different literary palates!

Thank you for stopping by the ranch. I hope this is a place where you can find encouragement, support and a grounding in divine principles.  All are welcome and I hope you will come back real soon!


Lucy Kelley, M.Ed, LPC, SSCC

6 thoughts on “Who is Arrowheart Ranch?

  1. i don’t know if you remember me . My maiden name is Mary Trent(Cuppy ) I lived by you growing up. I have thought about you through the years as well as other neighbors. It is very good to read your posts. It has been inspirational for me and everyone that reads your posts. I would love to receive your daily devotions on spermanent basis. Thanks against hope all is well


    • Hi Mary!
      Great to hear from you. I’m so glad you are enjoying the posts! Thank you for subscribing and I hope you are doing well! Your kind words are inspiring and encouraging for me too.
      Thank you,


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